The part of my Animated Short Project ‘Buttons Extinct’. Developed in actual scale in Maya and rendered with Mentalray. Textured in Photoshop. Composited in Nuke as well as Photoshop. Its actually an ‘ASUS M4A785TD – V – EVO’ model.


T Rex(2013)

Modelled, textured and rigged in Autodesk Maya. For Animated Walk, please Click.


The Design is based on Cristóbal Vila‘s original concept called NIXUS. This model differs from its actual design. I modified it to fit with my own vision of making.

For original concept NIXUS, please go to www.etereaestudios.com.

Nikon D7000(2012)

The Artist’s Room(2012)

The whole work has been done through Autodesk Maya. Renderd with Mentalray. The basic concept is about to have the Set of Interior stuff staged naturally through the eye of an CG Artist.

Everything as part of the work including Modelling, Textures, Lighting, Rendering is done by me.